Five Days of Learning and Unlearning: A Brief Summary of my Participation in an Online Five Days Teacher Training Program.


Sheikh Javaid Ayub

Five Day’s International Teacher Training Program was organized by Government Degree College Kilam Kulgam in collaboration with the Nursi Society Turkey. The main theme of the program was captioned in its title which reads as ‘Strong Belief and Sound Character through Science and Islam: 5D Thinking Approach.’ The program started on December 11, 2021 at 11: am and concluded on January 15, 2021 at 5:30 pm.

Knowledge can be defined as the outcome of the encounter between human mind and its environment.  If so, then the pedagogy for encountering the environment needs to be defined and understood. This pedagogy is always in the social by the social and for the social. Knowledge, therefore, is social, hence according to a particular worldview. The epistemology of science, therefore, cannot be concerned with the anatomy of that knowledge rather it has to deal with the mental frameworks of the scientists engaged in scientific activities. These frameworks, as we believe, have a sociological origin therefore; sociology of science is as important an area as science itself. The purpose of the epistemology of science must expand to the area of tracing the mental frameworks and world views held by the scientist community while engaging itself in any scientific activity. The history of science, therefore, should not become a discipline that chronicles successive increments and the obstacles that have inhibited their accumulation-as Thomas Kuhn states that history of science has to take into consideration not only the scientific truths (if they may be called so) of the times but also the frameworks which run parallel to the facts and in fact the scientific truths emerge and are commensurable to that worldview (Kuhn, 2012: 111-134).

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