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Said Nursi (1876-1960) was one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the 20th century. He learned not only religious disciplines but at the same time he spent more time to learn natural sciences and philosophical subjects. He has written in his early period many booklets related to politics, philosophy and theology. In the mature period Nursı has devoted all of his energy to write his corpus concerning oneness of God (Tawhid), resurrection, prophecy and social justice. It can be said that Nursi reconciled very successfully between theology, philosophy and spirituality.

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The Society’s Mission and VisionNursi Society was established in September 2015. The society is formed to foster a greater understanding of the work of Nursi and to promote scholarly research on his life and thought.Sharing Articles and News on NursiWe want to create an online sharing portal of academic works on Nursi. 

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