Webinar Series

General Information About Webinar Series of Nursi Studies


The aim is to provide a lively and productive intellectual discourse of contemporary issues based on Nursi studies to contribute cutting-edge thinking and developments to the field of social and hard sciences. Our visions have a global reach and would have a genuine impact on the world around us with an interdisciplinary approach and spirit.

Areas of Interest

Our members have wide-ranging expertise, encompassing areas of philosophy which include ethics, Islamic philosophy, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of science, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, epistemology, economics, physics. Said Nursi’s teaching provides a sharing pool of ideas for us.

An interdisciplinary approach

Webinar Series of Nursi studies is part of Nursi Society and Üsküdar University Risale-i Nur Research Platform (RINAP). We maintain strong relationships with a wide range of departments and institutions across the University and beyond, underpinning the interdisciplinary nature of philosophy.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Webinar Series will include a number of events throughout the year dedicated to stimulating and fostering research with an interdisciplinary approach.

There will be a full visiting and online webinar speaker program in which leading researchers from around the world present their work to staff and students; a work-in-progress program in which our members will discuss their current research; a graduate seminar for research students; a regular member-student reading group, as well as informal reading groups on recent and classic books of Nursi and Muslim thinkers.

Program organizers: Nursi Society and Uskudar University Risale-i Nur Research Platform (RİNAP)