Summer School certificate program at Uskudar University

The program aims to teach a unique method to derive certain character lessons from scientific knowledge. It is based on a premise that ideology-free science and authentic Divine messages do not contradict each other, as they both come from the same source. It assumes that the universe is an elegant book with full of meaning (signs). It considers pure science as a great way to reveal the Divine signs in the book of the universe. However, it claims that modern scientists do not know how to read this book. The program will present five-dimensional (5D) thinking approach based on Said Nursi’s mana-i harfi method to read the book of the universe. Participants will gain a new understanding of scientific knowledge through 5D thinking which consists of 1) analytical thinking, 2) analogical thinking 3) critical thinking, 4) meditative thinking, and 5) moral thinking. The 5D thinking approach is expected to function like 5D glasses showing multi-dimensions of the reality and life pleasure.

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