Call for Applications for the 5D Thinking Certificate Program at Uskudar University

We would like to share with you the call for application for the 5D thinking certificate program at Uskudar University titled “A Holistic Approach to Sciences through 5D Thinking” which will be offered in Fall 2020. The program is based on the assumption that ideology-free science and authentic, Divinely-revealed knowledge do not contradict each other, as they both come from the same source. It assumes that the universe is an eloquent book, replete with meaningful signs. It considers pure science to be an excellent way of revealing the Divine signs which make up the book of the universe. However, it claims that most modern scientists do not know how to ‘read’ the book. The program will present the ‘five-dimensional (5D) thinking approach’, inspired by the theologian Said Nursi’s mana-i harfi method of reading the book of the universe. The program consists of three courses with a total of 9 college credit hours. The courses will be taught through Zoom by several professors with a diverse specialty.

The program is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as independent researchers, scholars, and educators. For further information, please visit the program website:

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